What is SWIFT?

SWIFT is an advanced consulting technology for strategic insight, innovative problem solving and breakthrough creativity.

It generates direct access to incisive clarity and propels decisive action in complicated, dynamically complex business environments.

Using the lens of cutting-edge network science, SWIFT reframes how to observe and think about the daunting array of risks and opportunities facing organizations in today’s volatile global marketplace. As a result, SWIFT dissolves paralyzing perplexity and opens new pathways for accelerating growth, revenue and profit. It can be applied to all manner of leadership and innovation challenges in strategy, marketing, sales, product development, and service design.

How did SWIFT originate?

SWIFT springs from integrating over two decades of research and consulting in organizational transformation and business development by Dr. James Milojkovic, KnowledgePassion, Inc’s founder and CEO, with the research work of its Chief Scientist, Dr. Richard Ogle, as outlined in his book Smart World: Breakthrough Creativity And The New Science Of Ideas (Harvard Business School Press, 2007).

How does SWIFT work?

SWIFT works through a network of three linked components:

Smart World (SW) theory

1 The rigorous foundation underlying SWIFT is called Smart World theory. This provides a penetrating new understanding of how gamechanging breakthroughs are created in technology, design, and business. Smart World theory emerges from wedding the remarkable insights of recent cognitive science research (the advanced interdisciplinary exploration of how the mind and consciousness work) with the latest advances in complexity studies centered on network science and its mathematical laws.

Inquiry Framework (IF)

2 Drawing upon the key ideas and distinctions of Smart World theory, and using an unconventional focus on curiosity, the inquiry framework creates a fresh context for entertaining discontinuous leaps for breakthrough solutions. It deploys a set of penetrating questions that reveal previously invisible organizational dynamics and direct attention to hidden market opportunities.

Toolkit (T)

3 The toolkit is a proprietary constellation of innovative thinking practices, network mapping procedures, and specific Smart World methods for surfacing hidden assumptions and unexamined presuppositions that limit business performance. The toolkit accelerates assessment and diagnosis to heighten intelligence, ignite imagination, amplify intuition, and trigger insight. By navigating quickly to the heart of the matter, and embracing constraints as springboards for design, SWIFT enables the envisioning of disruptive new possibilities for radical solutions while managing risk.

White Papers

Several introductory, as well as more detailed, white papers are available upon request. Please contact us here!