Seminars and Keynotes

Leadership and Language

Our current misconceptions of leadership trap us in a purely psychological characterization of the “shadows” of so-called leadership skills and behaviors. Instead of overcoming “skill deficits,” this program reveals how the essence of leadership can be brought forth through the discovery of the centrality of language to the human experience.

Reinventing Organizational Learning

For many, learning is synonymous with behavior change or knowledge acquisition. In this program, we examine the practical importance of an alternate view, that learning is synonymous with a change in the meaning of experience. From this new vantage point, we review tested strategies that help managers and their organizations construct new and more powerful business practices through becoming deeply aware of their own learning processes.

Breakthrough Creativity

The new world belongs to those who can jettison obsolete thinking and create entirely new business ideas, systems and practices equal to the waves of discontinuous change. Dramatically improving the quality of the solutions we seek will require a fundamental change in our business attitudes and thinking processes. This program will arm you with the fundamental knowledge you will need to steer your organization toward innovative thinking and action for a new world.

Leading with Emotional Intelligence

There is more to success than knowledge. With a renewed appreciation and deepened understanding of the centrality of emotional and social skills in the development of executive effectiveness and team productivity, you will come away from this program with an entirely new way of observing and dealing with the inescapable human dimension of organizational performance.

Delivery Format

Each of the above programs can be customized for presentation either as a:

  • 90 minute keynote address (information rich)
  • half-day or full-day seminar (interactive exchange)
  • one, two or three day workshop (experiential learning and hands-on practice)


Programs are always tailored to the researched needs of a client. Interviews with key stakeholders are conducted well in advance of the presentation and the data gathered inform the design and delivery of the program.

Follow-Up Coaching

Subsequent to the delivery of the program, personal follow-through coaching is available for further exploration of breakthrough ideas and the deepening of new practices for gaining results at the next level of achievement.

Download PDF with detailed descriptions of all programs.