Our Philosophy - Astonish Your Clients

KnowledgePassion, Inc. is a San Francisco-based executive education and leadership development firm.

We work with top executives and their teams to produce quantum leaps in personal and organizational performance by shifting what people know is achievable.

Through an integrated system of targeted consulting, live workshops and personal coaching, we provide rigorous grounding in key distinctions and conceptual frameworks central to transformational leadership. Leveraging these new ideas and core insights, we facilitate design thinking for the invention and mastery of breakthrough practices.

We equip our clients with a new style of thinking, talking and teaming
where each individual grabs responsibility for creating an exciting future that transcends what history or current circumstances would reasonably predict.

We design unforgettable, immersion workshops
that give each participant a direct experience of true accountability and enable them to examine first-hand their own productive or counter-productive patterns of communication, business thinking and decision-making about burning issues.

From this heightened perspective, we coach executives on how to embody their insight
and capitalize on their expanded awareness for designing an organization that powers courageous learning, genuine leadership and the sustained generation of outstanding results in turbulent times.

Our proven strategy focuses on energizing breakthroughs in:

Personal Philosophy

where commitment, vitality and passion emerge from clarity about purpose, values and direction.

Team Psychology

where outmoded beliefs and attitudes are replaced with fresh, creative directions for innovation.

Organizational Productivity

where agility and effectiveness are maximized through a sense of urgency wedded with intelligent risk-taking.