The MILO Process


The MILO Process is a proven program tailored to the needs and learning styles of executives challenged to perform everyday in organizations that are relentless in their demand for outstanding results.

Our focus throughout the process is on creating a sustainable shift in your capacity to deliver outstanding results in your organization on-goingly. Such shifts do not occur through simply reviewing best practices or amassing more information about current problems for mere intellectual understanding.

While insight is useful, action is vital. Consequently, The MILO Process combines state-of-the-art findings about personal and organizational transformation with an experiential, visceral engagement with real business issues pivotal to your on-going success.

For an entire organization to learn how to break through to a new level of leadership and performance, a critical mass of influential executives and key managers needs to become actively involved with The MILO Process. The most leverage is achieved when executives at the top of the organization are the first participants, followed subsequently by the senior managers directly reporting to them.

A typical first program involves the entire top executive team, ranging in size usually from six to twelve participants, meeting off-site for three consecutive days, complemented with on-site coaching and follow-through meetings.