Dialogue Design

Human beings live in language and we get our work done in networks of conversation with others.

A dialogue is a special conversation between two or more people or groups directed toward the deep exploration of a significant topic or insightful resolution of a thorny problem.

Creating an effective dialogue involves being able to design in the medium of language. Our work in this domain is guided by rigorous grounding in a number of advanced disciplines including the biology of cognition, discursive psychology, and second-order cybernetics.

Dialogue versus Discussion

Dialogue differs markedly from a friendly chat or a heated discussion where people debate each other and try to score points in order to reach a decisive conclusion.

It requires the masterful creation of a certain positive mood of interaction and exploration where participants suspend their assumptions for examination, revision and even complete replacement.

A great dialogue is always eye-opening, deeply rewarding and energizing. It opens possibilities and pathways that previously never occurred to you or your team.

Domains for Dialogue

Wherever you reach an impasse in creating your results, there is a special conversation missing in your leadership repertoire. Or, perhaps, a conversation that needs to disappear.

We design and facilitate dialogue sessions across a variety of vital business and organizational concerns:

  • Culture Transformation
  • Change Management
  • Corporate Values
  • Executive Teamwork
  • Strategy Formulation
  • Marketing Reinvention
  • Complex Sales
  • Customer Experience